Wednesday, September 14, 2005

at times i think about how empty my room is, but i look around and i see so many things that i can do....mostly clean, but most of the time-my mind wanders back to memories, good and bad--mostly good. then i feel it, the need, the need to find something else to think about. so i go, go out into the night. i like feeling the cold, the cold wind on my cheeks. this is how it is when you are thinking, thinking about yourself and where you've been. but i look ahead, see where to go, see where i'm going, and i smile. i smile because i really can't see that far, but i know where i've been. it's a bitter smile, the smile of someone that wants, needs. but a smile nonetheless. because smiling can be used in so many ways, even in anger, in sorrow, in nostalgia. i look forward to a new day.

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