Friday, June 29, 2007

wine drinking at home with my favorite twins in the world. jibe pinot noir, columbia crest merlot & jacob's creek shiraz.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it has been three weeks since the big ride. this is the first writing i have begun to do about it. by big ride, i mean the Lake Tahoe Century, better known as America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride. there have been so many great experiences leading up to and during this first century ride of mine. i can't forget to mention the great turn-around of my training starting with riding a strong 80-mile ride three weeks before the Tahoe ride. also, my favorite twins in the world flew down to visit which helped me relax a bit before the big event. i was very tense and worried about climbing hills in excess of 2000 feet, not to mention cycling 100 miles while climbing at elevation (South Lake Tahoe is approximately 6000 feet above sea level). i did the entire ride in five hours and forty-five minutes. i could not have done it without the help of my teammates and coach, they were a tremendous help throughout the training season. i have to mention the support given to me by my wife and son, the two people i was most happy to see at the finish-line. the climbing on the ride was not as bad as i had played-out in my head: the climb to Emerald Bay, climbing back from Truckee, Dollar Hill, the rollers at the end, & finally the climb to Spooner Junction. what i remember most from climbing this route was that i shifted early and made sure that i took my time and relaxed myself. thinking about riding and training gives a longing for early Saturday mornings again, listening to our team Manager Courtney and head Coach Kevin blaring off instructions to the entire Silicon Valley Team in Training Chapter. i have to say that i miss being with the team, riding with them has had a great impact on me.