Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rode the Hellyer velodrome for the first time yesterday with Marsha and Parker. We did the beginner session and performed a few drills to familiarize ourselves with the way velodrome riding is done. There were 22 riders present. I had a lot of fun riding the velodrome and learned a lot from the pacelines, ribbon ride, sprint interval drill, and the flying 200. My favorites have to be the sprint drills as well as the flying 200 meters. My time was 16.5 seconds on the flying 200. Kinda slow but we only had one chance to do our flying 200 since there were so many people present at the session. Oh, I almost forgot about the team time trial drill as well. That was pretty fun. For the team trial I rode with Marsha, Parker, Chris, and Michael. Chris had a sweet Yamaguchi frame. I rode my Langster while the other three had rented bikes for the session. I had my new deep-V rims with Surly hub and my new gearing as well. I am excited to try another flying 200 to see if I can improve my technique. 20 days into 2008 and I'm still flying on the fixxie. Parker brought a camera but we were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures.