Monday, July 30, 2007

i'm on the web! at about 7 minutes 20 seconds into the video and a few seconds of screenshot anyway :-)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

oh my gosh! that's all i have to say about stage 1! Robbie McEwen just came out of nowhere. he looked like he was out of it kilometers back, shaking his wrist looking like he wasn't going to even jump to the front where the sprinters were going to battle it out! Robbie is my idol.

today i set my alarm to watch the live feed of stage 1 of this year's tour de france. i watched the prologue last night and it was good to see David Zabriske, Levi, & big George. if you're reading that last sentence you can tell i favor an American win in the tour but it was amazing to see Cancellara blow everyone away in the time trial. i get inspired when i watch the top riders do their jobs. 126 miles of relatively flat stage 1. go team Discovery!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

today i rode old la honda road for the third time in my life. i rode it with two of my old teammates from team in training, Kanani Chun and Barbara Gibb. we all started cycling at 92 & canada, working our way south through canada. we all went through mountain home road, took a right on portola and viola, old la honda road. the game plan was to climb at an easy pace since Kanani still hadn't climbed old la honda. i started my timer at the bridge, the start of the climb and timed our ascent at 39 minutes! i was very proud of the girls for doing such a great time up the very well known peninsula climb. we all plan on doing the hill repeats on wednesday and will probably do more climbs together. i will post less default pictures next time.