Saturday, November 25, 2006

tonight i have a bottle of 2005 Smoking Loon cabernet sauvignon...had some sushi an hour before tasting this wine and i have a slight cold so my perceptions toward this wine might be off---okay, way off....but the fact that it still had a good nose on it might say something about this vintage...i have read a few things about this wine in other websites and was aching to try this "Loon" out for myself...i first bought a few bottles of this vintage for our lodge meetings and was actually anxious to try it, but didn't get to as most of the Loon was accounted for by the rest of the brethren...strong dashes of fruit are met with the first taste of this cab with a suprisingly light finish (for a cab, also because of my cold) currently having some roasted duck with my Loon, the skin still is very rich and this cab is a good meld with the flavor of the duck...chewing on the duck meat while taking in a good swallow of Smoking Loon is pleasant and makes me think of why the picture on the bottle shows a swimming duck smoking a cigar---hmmm...great combo with this rich dish...anyway, happy thanksgiving to all!

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