Friday, March 03, 2006

here's a bunch of Hooters pictures from the past week...
obviously I was not by myself when these pictures were taken. it has circulated among men that other men frequenting these establishments by themselves are incorrect by doing so. but what really does draw us to these places? we all know the girls are just there to earn a living right? i actually talked to a few of these girls and most of them are college students just trying to earn a buck.
anyway, i've discovered a new flavor of wings that they serve here---the Daytona, as the girls call it. a mixture of all the sauces, this wing delivers a softer kick and has a sweet twang to it. one positive about this flavor of wing is that it can not be served with batter and has to be grilled. healthy Hooters food? i think not. At any rate, the food is getting better at these places and it's a hoot to see families with small children eat here. i mean , come on, who brings seven year old kids to these places, hahahaha.
Matt K., that first picture is for you buddy.

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Nutsy007 said...

Dude we got wings for the poker tourney?