Monday, October 17, 2005

dinner tonight was at the "Can't Fail Cafe" in Emeryville. i had a serving of the hot wings and some fish tacos for dinner. yummy stuff. also, i had to order the Peet's coffee...i think i had five cups of this stuff :-) located just a block away from where i live, i think i've found a new place to hang out.


zack powers said...

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blog food... I love it! Can I bookmark you and tell a friend? Sometimes I find a great blog like yours and my friends really like them too.

I'm just learning about blogs, but I really like what you've done here. Getting started with my sites: Dog Houses | Surf Boards but they are still under development.

super job! so keep it up.
good day.

sunday's child said...

Your fish tacos look really yummy. My friend and I had a conversation about tacos the other day. We both used to live in the states and now are missing tacos sooooo much. We're both currently residing in Jakarta,Indonesia.
Sunday's Child

sunday's child said...
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Nettie said...

Dinner looks good!!